Rees Shaylee Meadows Harp (30 strings)

Rees Shaylee Meadows Harp (30 strings)

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The Rees Shaylee Meadows Concert Line Harp has an extraordinarily large and balanced voice for its size. This harp is a superb performance instrument for small venues, harp therapy and for those who love to play for their own enjoyment. The Shaylee Meadows Harp comes with full Rees sharping levers and a narrow 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) shoulder that allows you to move freely and easily while playing. The Shaylee Meadows is 46 inches (116.84 cm) tall at the point and, depending upon the wood selected, weighs between 16 and 18 pounds (7.26 to 8.16 kg). Like all Rees Concert Line Harps, the Shaylee Meadows includes a lifetime warranty.

We require 25% of your initial order at the time the order is placed. Prior to ordering any Rees harp please carefully read our Terms and Conditions and our Ordering FAQ page. If you are ready to order now just head on in to our Rees Marketplace.

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Personalize your Shaylee Meadows with Optional Ornamentation

Just as the music you play is your own, your Shaylee Meadows Harp will become part of you as well. Rees harps are certainly beautiful just as they are but many customers like to use harp ornamentation to express themselves more fully. The Rees standard ornamentation catalog offers a profusion of choices and we invite you to create your own combinations from these options. Additionally, fully custom ornamentation is available in consultation with our artists.