Rees Morgan Meadow Harp (23 strings)

Rees Morgan Meadow Harp (23 strings)

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The Rees Morgan Meadow Concert Line Harp is really quite special. The voice has true dynamic depth and projection. To be honest, at one point we discontinued the Morgan thinking that our Harpsicle® Harps line replaced it in the market but, frankly, we were wrong. The voice of the Morgan exceeds that of our less expensive harps to a substantial degree and, as it turns out, people noticed. The Morgan was returned to our line due, quite literally, to popular demand. The Morgan Meadow Harp comes with full Rees sharping levers. We use piano pins (also known as zither pins) on the Morgan to dramatically reduce the weight of the harp which, depending upon the wood selected, is about 8 pounds (3.6 kg). The Morgan Meadow is 30 inches (76.2 cm) tall at the point. Like all Rees Concert Line Harps, the Morgan Meadow includes a lifetime warranty.

We require 25% of your initial order at the time the order is placed. Prior to ordering any Rees harp please carefully read our Terms and Conditions and our Ordering FAQ page. If you are ready to order now just head on in to our Rees Marketplace.

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Use Ornamentation to Make Your Morgan Your Own

Lutherie, the making of stringed instruments, is an art just as is ornamentation. From the beginning Rees Harps has been known for excellence in both. A harp makes a wonderful palette and we invite you to express yourself upon it. We offer many, many options within our standard ornamentation catalog. Additionally, fully custom ornamentation is available in consultation with our artists.